KartS Design


We’ve crafted effective methods enhancing collaboration, tailoring our approach to each project’s unique needs. Above all, we prioritize a strong partnership, believing that successful cooperation is the foundation of our work.

How to start?

Cooperation beggining

To initiate collaboration, just send us an email or give us a call to discuss your project. Share your expectations, requirements, and plans for the project, if any. We’re always delighted to connect with new people.

In the beggining – plans

Research & Strategy

To steer the work effectively, thorough thinking and meticulous planning are crucial. If the project demands it, we conduct market and competition analyses along with audience research before initiating any work.

How is it going on?

Design processes

Typically, our workflow progresses from general to detail. We start by establishing the plan and scope, followed by analysis and research, initial sketches, mock-ups, and finally, the production of final designs. We often create several versions to collaborate with you in determining the most relevant and effective designs for your audience. Your level of involvement in the design process is flexible — you can entrust everything to us from start to finish, or if you prefer, we can regularly consult with you at different stages of the work.

Simple and clear

Timing, terms & conditions

We execute project work according to a pre-established plan and schedule. Our streamlined processes and flexible approach accommodate both client expectations and the unique specifics of each project. Collaborating with us is straightforward and transparent. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we firmly believe that simplicity and clarity in terms and conditions lead to better results.

Final step and all after this

Project delivery

At the beginning of our collaboration, we establish the criteria for the final handover and project approval. Upon final approval of the design, we deliver the required files. For website design, the handover involves transitioning the completed website into production and ensuring all functionalities work seamlessly.

How much?

Cost optimization

Experience cost efficiencies with our streamlined work solutions. We flexibly adjust our approach to align with your budget expectations.
Go ahead – contact us for a quote 🙂