We executed a comprehensive project including e-commerce design and branding for Ateko. Ateko specializes in producing various types of calendars, such as book calendars, advertising calendars, and corporate calendars. They are known for their personalized solutions, creativity, and reasonable prices, which have earned them a loyal customer base.

Our main objectives were to enhance Ateko’s online presence, develop a cohesive brand identity, create engaging graphic designs, and ensure a seamless user experience to boost customer engagement and sales. We started with thorough research to understand Ateko’s market and goals. Our design team then crafted a brand identity reflecting their values and created unique graphic designs for their products. We developed a user-friendly e-commerce website with intuitive navigation and a responsive design. Rigorous testing and optimizations were made based on feedback from Ateko and their customers.

The result is a robust e-commerce platform that effectively showcases Ateko’s products. The new branding and enhanced designs have elevated their market presence, resulting in a smooth online shopping experience that has positively impacted sales and customer satisfaction.