We worked on developing branding and graphic design elements for ZdroVeno, a company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare. ZdroVeno is an application designed to streamline health tracking, offering users a simple and accessible way to monitor various aspects of their well-being, from physical activity to sleep, all within a single platform.

Our aim was to develop a brand identity that reflects ZdroVeno’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through technology. We wanted to convey a sense of reliability, accessibility, and modernity while also highlighting the user-centric nature of the app. The process began with thorough research into the healthcare sector, as well as an analysis of existing health tracking applications. Ultimately, we developed a sleek and modern brand identity for ZdroVeno, incorporating vibrant colors and clean typography to convey a sense of energy and vitality.

The final result is a cohesive visual identity and user experience that effectively communicates ZdroVeno’s mission of empowering individuals to take control of their health journey. Through branding and graphic design, we have helped ZdroVeno establish a strong presence in the healthcare market and position itself as a leader in the field of digital health solutions.


Logo Design

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