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Visual Content Online – 7 key Facts That Will Change Your Business

Visual content online – 7 key facts that will change your business

Discover 7 amazing facts about visual content online – learn how to improve and develop communication with customers.

Over 70% of consumers in online shops believe that good graphics are more important than product information.

According to the analysis of over a million articles carried out by BuzzSomo, websites with graphic elements placed on average every 75-100 words are shared twice more often on social media.

It is very important that the website has a well-developed mobile version. About 19% of respondents declare that they use only their smartphones.

20% of customers, bring 80% profit, which is the universal value of the famous Pareto – 80/20 rule.

Teenagers spend about 7 hours a day in front of the screen and young adults spend 5 hours a day. 

Content on websites, enriched with graphics or photos, has 90% higher viewership.


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